Today’s tech savvy consumers are finding the content they want

across an ever widening variety of platforms,

in a constantly evolving landscape of technology.


One constant though, is this: video continues to be the single best tool to get your message across quickly and effectively, no matter what the delivery platform. To ensure your company, products, and services are resonating with your audience, you need a full-service creative & production company with the experience and expertise to elevate your brand. Blue Apples Media specializes in delivering solutions for your marketing demands: creating original innovative content for advertising, multi-vertical branded entertainment, social media campaigns, television programming, and corporate video for the web.


Polish. Finish. The better you look, the better we look. And you looked pretty darn good. With over twenty years of experience in Hollywood on your side, you’ll have an edge that gives you results that shine. You’re welcome.


Creating compelling, story-driven content is one of the keys to connecting with your target audience. We are uniquely positioned to fuse Hollywood storytelling craft with tried and true advertising techniques, allowing us to marry a good story to the right platform to create movement for your brand.


Never before have you had so many opportunities and challenges to engage with your audience on your terms, in the right setting. But navigating the often cryptic world of social media can be daunting. We can help you to take advantage of social media by building a campaign that builds your business.


If you are advertising your product or services, you are a media company – wether you know it or not. Make sure you have a partner that understands the creative and the craft of delivering impactful advertising so you can focus on what you do best. (That partner is us, by the way)