Video is the single best tool to help you get your message across quickly and effectively.  To make sure your company, products, and services are represented in the best possible light, you need a full service production & creative consulting company with the experience and expertise to help take your company to the next level.  Through the use of high quality video products and marketing strategies, Blue Apples Media specializes in creating content for advertising, television programming, and corporate video for the web.  Your next great video is waiting for you.


Film Quality Video

Having the best possible quality for your videos is key to making sure your clients and customers are taking you and your message seriously.  Our team makes sure your videos look as good as a Hollywood film. 



Knowing how to tell a story quickly and efficiently, while still making sure your key points and main message is heard loud and clear is all part of the delicate art of video editing.


Blue Apples Media has years of experience working in commercials and advertising.  We can bring brands to market all the way from concept, create a new commercial for your existing brand, or anything in between. Our creative team is adept at traditional advertising as well as working in new media and on-line outlets.


Titles and Motion Graphics

Our graphic artists create the look and feel of every project with custom built title sequences, motion graphics, and logo design.


Digital Cinema Cameras

Our in-house camera department offers current state-of-the-art cameras, including the RED EPIC-X and a wealth of support equipment – all at competitive rates.



From Story Consulting, Branding, and General Creative Consulting to on-set Visual Effects Supervision,  camera tests, and  Post Production Workflow Design, our consulting services are available for every step of your project.