Great Ideas for Using Vine as Part of Your Clients On-Line Video Campaign

With a recent study showing that 500,000 vine videos are shared on twitter every day, more and more Vine video is becoming a great way to share a company’s message effectively and creatively. The 6 second limit can be challenging, but with some thoughtfulness and planning, you can create Vine videos for your clients that

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Blue Apples Media Produces Baobab Product Videos for In Store and Web

Blue Apples media was hired to create these high impact videos to introduce the Baobab family of products to a new market. Blue Apples Media worked with celebrity vegan Chef Leslie Durso to produce these fun and visually compelling videos. There were two main challenges with this project. The first was the time-line. The same

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Blue Apples Media Produces Profile Video for Celebrity Chef Leslie Durso

  Blue Apples Media was hired by PR Firm Andonia PR to create this intimate profile video for celebrity Chef Leslie Durso.  The challenge was to create a “process video” that also gave views a chance to meet Leslie on a more personal level. We chose to sit down with Leslie on a seperate day

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Blue Apples Media Produces Web Based Automotive Pilot

Blue Apples Media was tasked with demonstrating the creation and produciton of a car review program for the web. We wrote, shot, designed the title sequence, and edited the entire piece in-house. The goal was to produce a broadcast-quality template that could be duplicated by clients for future use. The results were far beyond anyones

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Blue Apples Media Creates Memorable Web Video for Public Radio

Sometimes creating corporate video for the web can be fun and rewarding, such was the case with this web-based video produced for public radio. Being tasked with creating an entertaining and engaging short form video to promote public radio pledge drives, Blue Apples Media produced this Parody of Billy Joel’s classic 1989 song “We Didn’t

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