Producing A to Z

Blue Apples Media can shepherd your project from script to screening. No matter what the budget. We can also help filmmakers who need to inject a second life into a project that’s lost it’s way.

DIT and Data Management

Our in-house Digital Imaging Technicians (DIT) are available for nearly any sized project.  We also offer off-set data management and workflow consulting.

Camera Packages & Operators

Choose from our robust in-house stable of digital cinema cameras:


• RED EPIC Mysterium X 5K
• Canon T3i HD
• Canon 5DmkII HD
• Contour stun/body camera HD
• Panasonic AG-HVX-200 HD


2nd Unit Directors,  Action Sequence Consulting, & Stunt Choreography

Our emphasis is on action:  fight choreography, driving, and weapon work.  Our 2nd unit team puts safety first, and delivers images with a punch. We are also available to work on set in a strictly advisory capacity to ensure your project gets the best possible results.